When Panini first announced these cards I was barely noticed until they mentioned cutting up some old J5 costumes. I was irate and didnt want nothing to do with them. I even went as far as sending them a tweet expressing my displeasure and horror. Nonetheless, I got these cards as a belated birthday gift from a co-worker who figured since it was Michael Jackson I would automatically love them. Biting my tongue, I thanked them politely and quickly stuffed the packs into my handbag. They sat in there for almost a week before using bag again thus remembered.

During Phase 3 of the #MJsInvincible Buy Event Campaign here in New York City, we inadvertently discovered a treasure trove of bootlegs!

Mission Complete!


Invincible limited edition colors
Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes but my birthday isn't until tomorrow, the 12th. But it's funny that I was able to complete my Invincible Limited Edition color collection when the last 2 colors came in the mail today. I guess Michael wanted to get his in early too! I was able to snag the last 3 colors dirt cheap when spied an eBay auction with exactly all 3 colors I need for just $12 a pop!