My Immortal Beloved


Impatient for my pre-order to be shipped, I went ahead and used the Best Buy Coupon.
At first, I stopped by Target but not only did they NOT have deluxe in stock, they also had the audacity to stick Michael on the bottom shelf! Also they werent even trying to give me a discount. But I bought a copy anyway...

Next day, I took a trip into the city and finally was able to get a copy of both albums for a great price! The cashier was so nice she allowed me to use the coupon twice even though I know that really wasnt kosher...

Needless to say, it was well worth the trip and risk. My favorite tracks are; Jam, Dangerous, Speechless/Human Nature, Is It Scary/Threatened and Planet Earth Song.

These are my contest submissions to win tickets to the LA Cirque du Soleil show.